Wednesday, June 27, 2001

LCD will tell you how your body works. LCD will eat up your greens. LCD will be there when no one cares. LCD will be your whore. LCD as seen on TV. LCD begging for beans. LCD an acronym for an acronym. LCD is the zit on your social life. LCD bringing down governments, propping up the disenfranchised. LCD is in bed with your lover. LCD what Jesus really had written above him on the cross. LCD wrote all those little sayings on the bottom of your desk calendar. LCD the reason you go to the toilet at inappropriate moments. LCD distracting and relaxing. LCD is LCD..

Sunday, June 17, 2001

Calibrations // Ergosonics // Echolocation // Pajero Kick // disposed.dialect language.functional vegan.hustler heat.contusions // Babel Bounty // Born Batics // Siren Postal // Microph Slot // Control Centers // ... ... ... ... ... a picture sells a thousand turds ... ... ... ... ... keep eyes on the prize ... ... ... ... ... // sections-animation2.gif